Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Review...

A Year in Review.... 2014
I am sure that I will for sure leave something out, but here we go. 

If I were to be writing our Christmas cards this year (which I skipped this year) I guess we would have focused on traveling and the kids.  

First up, Traveling!  The whole family did a lot of that this year. 
Mom and Dad went to Las Vegas in May, 


then Matt and Kimi went to Florida with her family in June, 

Katie, Robert, the kids, Mom and Dad, and I all went to the Hill Country here 
in Texas for a short vacation,

Then Jake and I went to Las Vegas in September for his Birthday, 

 And then Matt and Kimi went to Las Vegas for her birthday in December.  

We all had lots of fun at all the spots, though 80% of us will probably never go back to Las Vegas... ha! 

As for the Kids... 
They had great birthday's and time in school.  The girls played softball and took dance classes.  Drew finally got to play baseball (T-Ball) this year for the first time.   Finally talked Katie and Robert into rescuing a dog for the kids.  Bailey (black & white) is the new addition, and has been such an awesome dog for them.  
Dylan (14), Desiree (11), Dakota (8), Drew (4), Bailey the dog (4 months)






 Luke and Zoe had banner years as well... though most of Zoe's was spent at the Vet.  We were finally able to get her spayed this year along with a small eye issue, she is now officially worth a small fortune.  Like we didn't know that already though.  
Luke (9), Zoe (8)


Many days spent with friends.  Jake and I still have the best neighbor family.  Lots of smoke outs and days at the "campground" watching sports on the TV.  


 Needless to say we have had a lot of fun this year.  No slacker around here... 
We've got to get to work to pay for More Fun in the New Year!    
Happy New Year All!!